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SleepOn® Benefits

  • Helps you fall asleep faster & longer the first night!
  • Clinically proven to lower factors that reduce sleep quality
  • Eases anxiety by 49% and relieves body-tension
  • Decreases stress hormone levels by up to 21%
  • Increases human growth hormone (HGH) release by 254%
  • Safe, natural & non-habit forming

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RE-3 Sleep Rejuvenation PhytoComplex

SleepOn® combines the world's best and most proven natural sleep-aids designed to improve sleep quality and duration. RE-3 precisely combines 3 herbal extracts standardized with KEY-PLANT-NUTRIENTS that promote better sleep synergistically:

Lemon Balm Extract:
Several studies show that lemon balm combined with valerian helps reduce anxiety and promotes sleep.

Valerian Root Extract:
Helps support GABA levels in the brain, helping reduce brain activity allowing users to fall asleep more easily.

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) Extract:
As an adaptogen, it helps the body better manage stress caused by the stress-hormone cortisol.

SleepOn® also contains precise levels of: Magnesium & Melatonin

Naturally & Effectively Helps Promote Sleep.

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