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As a modern day society we are inundated with the daily pressures of life. In the past 60 years corporate culture, media, and new technologies such as blackberries, Laptops and cell phones have extended the time we work and the daily pressures we face. Modern day challenges have caused a significant elevation in chronic anxiety and stress-hormone levels which have negatively affected our ability to get a proper night sleep. This scenario has cut the average sleep time North Americans get by almost 2-hours. Scientists at the University of Chicago have now linked this significant loss in sleep to serious health concerns.

New research conducted over the course of the last five years has now proven a direct correlation between a reduction in sleep to both obesity and diabetes. Lack of sleep significantly increases the stress hormone cortisol, an inflammatory stress hormone that not only prevents proper sleep but also speeds up the ageing process.

In addition to proper stress and time management techniques, there are non-habit forming safe and effective ways to tackle the sleep problem society currently faces. Breakthrough new research has uncovered novel botanical extracts and nutraceutical compounds that effectively address the core reasons we have difficulty sleeping. SleepON® contains carefully selected key compounds that are scientifically proven to tackle the core reasons we have difficulty sleeping. SleepON® reduces anxiety, reduces stress-hormone levels, and triggers faster sleep on-set and longer sleep duration.

SleepON® is a non-habit forming natural sleep aid that is Diphenylhydramine-Free. The prescription sleep drugs available today are generally addictive in nature and do not effectively address the core reasons we sleep poorly. In addition, the most commonly used OTC non-prescription sleep drug, diphenylhydramine, can often cause side effects including dry mouth, nausea, headaches, increased appetite, weight gain, and thickening of the mucous. SleepON® effectively addresses the core physiological reasons we have difficulty sleeping and also helps to immediately trigger faster sleep on-set and longer sleep duration without unwanted side-effects.

It is not suggested to combine SleepON® with any other sleep aid. Do not use SleepON® if you are currently taking immunosuppressive drugs. SleepON® is not a drug, it is a Natural Health Product with clinically proven ingredients that address the core reasons the body experiences sleep disturbances. SleepON® works to naturally re-balance the body by reducing anxiety and stress-hormone levels and helps trigger faster sleep on-set and longer sleep duration. Should you have concerns, it is always good practice to speak with your family doctor.

SleepON® will begin working your very first night helping you fall asleep faster and keep you asleep longer. Within the first 15-days, you will notice a significant reduction in anxiety and after 60-days cortisol and c-reactive protein (inflammatory compound) levels will be significantly reduced. After day 15 you will notice that you fall asleep even easier and sleep more soundly then on day-one because anxiety and stress levels have been reduced.

SleepON® is a non habit-forming Natural Health Product that can be used daily. It is important to stay consistent with use of SleepON®. With consistent use, you will effectively reduce anxiety and stress-hormone levels and ultimately get to the root cause of why we experience sleep disturbances.

The naturally beautiful thing about SleepON® is there are no unwanted side-effects such as addiction or the typical side-effects cause by over the counter medications.

SleepON® is as simple as taking 2 capsules 30-minutes prior to sleep on an empty stomach. If you can, it is always best to set aside the 30 minutes prior to sleep following this routine:

  1. Begin by taking SleepON® with 8 ounces of water on an empty stomach 30-minutes prior to sleep.
  2. Lay on the floor in a quiet room to unwind and ease the mind helping to settle down the chatter box of thoughts.
  3. Close your eyes and think only about your breathing Three seconds inhalation and three second exhalation.
  4. This will help put you into a deeper state of relaxation and better prepare you to drop into Deep-Sleep even faster.

Anyone over the age of 25 who currently suffers from sleep disturbances can benefit from daily use of SleepON®. After the age of 25, melatonin levels in the body begin to decline making it more difficult to fall asleep. SleepON® contains a clinically proven level of melatonin shown by science to support healthy sleep patterns and natural biorythyms. However, the key to the SleepON® formulation is its clinically proven ability to address the core reasons we have difficulty sleeping, including lowering high anxiety and stress-hormone levels.

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