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SleepOn® contains precise levels of natural plant extracts,
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SleepOn® was designed to address the root cause of why people have trouble sleeping. It combines 3 specific herbal extracts that have been time tested for their ability to reduce anxiety and lower the stress hormone cortisol. Anxiety and stress-hormones are the two biggest enemies interfering with the quality of your sleep. SleepOn® helps to rebalance a vital system in the body known as the adrenal cortex. As a result, anxiety and stress hormone levels are gradually reduced creating an environment in the body that promotes faster sleep onset, and longer deep-sleep duration. In addition, the SleepOn® formula includes well thought out levels of Magnesium and Melatonin. These nutrients are designed to relax the body and immediately help you fall asleep faster so you sleep better from the very first night!

Sleep Rejuvenation PhytoComplex

SleepOn® combines the world’s best and most proven natural sleep-aids designed to help improve sleep quality and duration. RE-3™ precisely combines 3 herbal extracts standardized with KEY-PLANT-NUTRIENTS that promote better sleep synergistically:

Lemon Balm Extract:

(5% Rosmarinic Acid)

Several studies show that lemon balm combined with valerian helps reduce anxiety and promotes sleep.

Valerian Root Extract:

(0.8% Valerenic Acid)

Helps support GABA levels in the brain, helping reduce brain activity allowing users to fall asleep more easily.

Ashwagandha Extract:

(5% Withanolides)

As an adaptogen, it helps the body better manage stress caused by the stress-hormone cortisol.

SleepOn® also contains precise levels of:


SleepOn® includes magnesium in the superior "bisglycinate" form. Often referred to as the 'anti-stress mineral', magnesium has a calming effect on the nervous system when taken. Its soothing properties help induce restful sleep.


SleepOn® contains only a small amount of melatonin at 2 mg per dosage. This lower dosage was scientifically selected based on the half-life of melatonin. 2 mg is the ideal dosage proven to help you fall asleep faster without leaving you groggy the next day. Higher dosages tend to remain in the body bodymaking you feel sluggish and deenergized the next day.

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