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The Science Behind Our
Non-Habit-Forming Natural Sleep Aid

SleepOn® is Backed by Clinical Studies

SleepOn® is based on key research published in peer-reviewed human studies conducted in Italy, India and the United States. SleepOn® is further supported by over 295 peer-reviewed published clinical studies and government monographs validating both the safety and effectiveness of the formulation.

The science behind SleepOn® proves that the SleepOn® formulation effectively helps with:

Elevated Anxiety

Elevated Plasma
Corisol Levels

Inability to Fall Asleep
and Stay Asleep


Published Clinical Studies


Reduction in Anxiety


Reduction in Anxiety Symptoms


Reduction in Cortisol

The Results

In a double-blind placebo-controlled research study on 30 subjects, a key ingredient in SleepOn® was tested and shown to dramatically reduce both anxiety and associated symptoms by 49% and 72% respectively in only 15 Days.

In another double-blind placebo-controlled study on 98 subjects, a second key compound in SleepOn® was proven to significantly lower plasma cortisol levels by 15-21% in 60-Days.

In yet another study, conducted at Boston University School of Medicine, test subjects taking a key compound in SleepOn® fell asleep faster and slept longer the very first night.

Within 60 minutes after taking a key compound in SleepOn®, research showed a 254% increase in natural human growth hormone levels – a result of reaching Deep-Delta-Sleep.

Naturally & Effectively Helps Promote Sleep.

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